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If your dog's problem requires a procedure -- such as a tooth extraction or professional cleaning -- he'll probably be given a general anesthetic to make him more comfortable during the procedure.

”Just like when people get the flu, you can expect your dog to sneeze, have a runny nose, and cough,” says Barry N. Sometimes, you may not know your dog has the virus. Puppies and older dogs are more likely to get severely ill once they’re infected. have not been previously infected or vaccinated against dog flu.” Dog flu is very contagious.That’s where she first met Bbogie."I don't know what the connection is but I trust him with my life,” said Farnsworth.A Belgian Malinois, Bbogie is obedient and intelligent.Your dog's happy, carefree life should be unbothered by dental concerns, right? Vets say 85 percent of canines over age 4 have some form of gum disease.Other frequent problems include crooked, cracked or loose teeth, an infection or an abscess.

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