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Peggy Knobloch vanished on her way back from primary school in Thueringen, Bavaria, in May 2001 sparking a enormous hunt for the tiny schoolgirl.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed child was feared to have been taken abroad.

Police in Denver have issued a statement saying it is working with concert venues to enhance security.

The force with the second largest contingent As of 2012 Most PCSOs work within a Safer Neighbourhood (SNT) or Neighbourhood Policing team (NPT) that contains PCSOs, special constables and beat managers (police constables).

These teams are led by a neighbourhood sergeant or inspector.

PCSOs represent 6.8% of total police employees in England and Wales.

The Metropolitan Police has the highest contingent of PCSOs, accounting for a quarter of PCSOs in England and Wales.

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