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We’re both in television so we’re fortunate enough to both be freelance so that we have kind of flexible schedules. You need to have a home to go back to, whether it’s a hotel room or a barn. I bet you guys cherish the times when you can be at home in your own apartment. And his persistence was so intriguing that I couldn’t say no. And the first date lasted eight days and that was it. ”(Laughs) There will be no “Wedding Story” or “Baby Story” to come. ”I think taking design out of the studio and really having a relationship with the people that you’re making it for really convinced me of how powerful a thing design is. There’s a big difference between decorators and designers and the training is very different. Next, Genevieve talks about the towns of Jeffersonville, NY and Laurens SC. What did you think of the people who live in the second town you visited, Laurens, SC? Are there any other projects that you want readers to know about? He had broken up with his last girlfriend and was ready to date and I was like “I don’t really know about that.” TLC already owned so much of my life. ” So, I watched “Junkyard Wars” to find out who this guy was. Now, the question is, would you guys consider doing “Wedding Story? What was the most important thing you learned about yourself as a designer from your days on “Trading Spaces? Jump to: Genevieve talks about Oprah, flying on strings, and her dream design projects.Harcott was born in Edmonton, Alberta, but raised in Calgary, Alberta.He was married to interior designer and television host Genevieve Gorder from 2006 until 2013, with whom he had a daughter.The two got very close as they cuddled together in a hammock made for one, with Heather looking very comfy on her man-cushion, while her beau displayed impressive balancing.

'In the past, I think I was always waiting for someone to give me my dream job and then I realized that I was going to give myself my dream job.

Genevieve Gorder is an American TV host who hosts her shows ‘Dear Genevieve’ and ‘Genevieve's Renovation’ for HGTV, and also acts as a judge on HGTV’s ‘Design Star’ show and regular host of ‘White House Christmas’.

She is also a talented interior designer and lives with her daughter in Manhattan.

Marriage She got married to fellow TV host Tylor Harcott in 2006.

Tylor is well known for his work on ‘Junkyard wars’ and ‘Bidding Wars’, and they met on the set of ‘A dating story’ in 2003.

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