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The nation's oldest collegiate theatrical organization annually presents the award to performers who've made lasting and impressive contributions to the entertainment world.Canada-born Reynolds will be roasted before he collects the group's coveted pudding pot.Moreover, what we know for sure is that Reynolds and Lively are loving being parents."The best thing about it—well, everything's great about it," Reynolds told E! "The least impressive thing is the complete lack of sleep." He confirmed that his daughter did indeed have him wrapped around her little finger, adding, "That started well before she was born!

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After rumors ran rampant that they had named her Violet, Reynolds at least deigned to put those to rest, telling James! And if that sounds like a boy's name, remember—her mom is named Blake.That could change, particularly if the film — which is expected to dominate the box office this weekend — spawns sequels.On the red carpet at a New York screening for “Deadpool” on Monday, alongside hundreds of fans decked in red tights and masks, Reynolds said he’s aware that Deadpool identifies as pansexual.She graduated from Northwestern in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre.After college, she pursued acting full-time in Los Angeles. , and followed that with guest-starring roles in television series such as Melrose Place, Matlock, and The Sentinel, as well as such television films as Co-Ed Call Girl.

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