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Including, but not limited to, have the model checked by an expert, making logic flow diagrams that include each logically possible action, examining the model output for reasonableness under a variety of settings of the input parameters, and using an interactive debugger.

A 5 Day Complete Immersion in the Validation Process Our CSV boot camp is challenging.

Consider the following definitions for the phases of the simulation model VV&A process [1]: Verification answers the question "Have we built the model right?

"Simulation models are increasingly being used to solve problems and to aid in decision-making.

What You Get: See what others are saying about Boot Camp Materials Provided: Pre-Work Packet, course binder, Delivery and SOP Templates bundle, continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

Prerequisites: This course requires you to bring a laptop to class.

Simulation models are approximate imitations of real-world systems and they never exactly imitate the real-world system.

Due to that, a model should be verified and validated to the degree needed for the models intended purpose or application.

Download the course brochure Register Our Training Approach: We have designed a computer system validation course that not only meets FDA, ICH, and Eudralex expectations for risk-based validation, but also prepares you to implement these practices in your company.The objective of model verification is to ensure that the implementation of the model is correct.There are many techniques that can be utilized to verify a model.Indeed, System Dynamics models have certain characteristics that render standard statistical tests inappropriate.But we argue that such inappropriateness should not lead to adopting entirely qualitative procedures.

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