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One thing you often come across when looking at home security is that a monitored home security system company says you can get a discount on your homeowners insurance.This has now been confirmed by a survey of the 10 largest insurance companies carried out on behalf of Electronic Security Association in 2014.As for cloud video solutions, port forwarding was also an issue, as well as failure to use secure protocols and the lack of encryption."Any insecure embedded device connected to the internet is a potential target for attacks, but organizations don’t seem to realize that this includes their CCTV system,” said Andrew Tierney, the independent consultant who carried out the research.Clearly a smart home is a much better and safer option.I think the insurance industry needs to play catch up. When I informed my insurance company that I have a system in place that monitors against intrusion, water damage, and fire, their only question was whether the system automatically notified fire and police. Cheers, David I agree that "professionally monitored" or simply monitored at all is a weak standard, but it has been the only really reliable differentiator historically.

According to the report, one device was hacked within a few minutes, while the rest were done and dusted within a day.“Smart homes absolutely eviscerate the current system. One of the challenges we will struggle with is consumer privacy.An example, On Star has been around since 1995, yet one of the leading innovators in Auto Insurance pricing I believe that the delay had mostly to do privacy concerns - people were reluctant to open that kimono.They found that the discount could be up to 20% for a monitored alarm system especially when linked with fire, water detectors.Some companies also offer a discount on renters insurance too.

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