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Growing up, the foreskin was not too great an issue, I was taught from an early age how to clean myself and practised proper penile hygiene.

I was aware that I did not look like most of my class mates, but I must admit it was never too much of an issue.

Contemporary work demonstrates that only 1% of males aged 17 years still have an unretractable foreskin.

Adult phimosis (ie, pathologic or true phimosis) may be caused by poor hygiene or an underlying medical condition (eg, diabetes mellitus).

These stories should be particularly helpful to other men who might be considering getting circumcised, as well as parents worried about the effect on their son when he grows up.

The stories that have been relayed from other men verbally who were circumcised as adults are very similar to these. I would like to congratulate you on your excellent website.

It's nice to see the circumcision issue presented in a neutral and informative fashion.

I would also like to thank you in the advice offered last year, as discussed below, you will see that it has led to a successful solution.

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