Stephy tang dating stephy

Stephy expressed that she sang this song because she felt this way, as she have not entered a relationship with anyone since entering the music industry.

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In order to fulfill Stephy Tang’s (鄧麗欣) dream of getting married before she turns 30, Alex Fong (方力申) and she got married secretly in Okinawa.

Stephy will be giving her favourite thank you cards to her mother and her manager, Paco Wong because it was from drinking her mother’s soup that gave her energy to work.Stephy herself filled in the lyrics for two pieces, Waiting for you and Enduring Love.In Cantonese, the meaning of Light Bulb is the presence of a third party in a romantic moment.25 Mar - Stephy Tang has quickly dismissed rumours that she is involved in a lesbian relationship with a Taiwanese volleyball player.As reported on On CC, the romance rumours sparked recently after the singer who had just broken up with Alex Fong after ten years of relationship, was spotted out and about with sports star, Teng Yen-min during her trip to Taiwan.

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