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The Haitian children had made a home for themselves at Habitation Leclerc, a resort was once well-known in the 1980s throughout Port-au-Prince as a lush refuge amid the capital’s grimy alleyways.

There is no guidance as to what exactly “gross indecency” is or isn’t, which leaves it open to abuse by the police to victimise the LGBT community.Sri Lanka has created a world record by topping the list of researches made by ‘GOOGLE’ institution technology on ‘sex’ for the year 2012.This has been proved by the number of searches made for the word ‘sex’ in the internet.The Saudi kingdom, sticks on to the puritanical Wahabi edition of Islam, using religion to maintain its authority.Buddha once accepted alms and a gift from Ambapali, the courtesan[Ganika] of Vaishali.

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