Speed dating business information

Over the past 13 years we’ve built what we believe to be one of the best speed dating management systems in the world.

We’ve automated practically every process from initial customer contact, payments, bookings, credit management and event management. This has cost tens of thousands of pound over the years and we realise that for most people that wish to set up a speed dating business the cost of this is prohibitive.

It’s low-risk, it’s low-cost and there is always the chance that you might meet someone that is a great fit for you.With little more than a one-page website and a few flyers we managed to fill and run our events.In those early days, we worked out who matched with who manually. It’s a surprising complicated job with lots of opportunity to make mistakes.Screening potential dating attendees prior to confirming their participation in your event ensures participant compatibility and increases word-of-mouth satisfaction as attendees chat with their friends and business associates.To successfully launch your company, I suggest you consider investing .97 to acquire "How To Make Great Money Hosting Speed Dating Events." This start-up guide covers A to Z of speed dating.

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