Speed dating belgrade

Two young Connecting volunteers stop by to the house of a random citizen. Roma Students Initiative is an informal group of young Roma woman who, since 2011, have been implementing activities aimed at raising the visibility of Roma women in universities in Serbia. Good afternoon, the gentleman said, still looking... Volunteers address him with a smile: Good afternoon.They started as a small group of a few female students that opposed the...

Mix and mingle with your fellow colleagues from all corners of the world, listen to original opinions and discuss fresh ideas! Urban planner, TODERIAN Urban Works Brent Toderian is a leading international thought-leader on cities, and practitioner in advanced urbanism, city planning, urban design and transportation.We look forward to meeting again at the same location in November 2016 for a Working Group Meeting and Training School.ECHO Housing is proud to announce our participation in the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program. Im Impact Hub Bern treffen sich Digital Marketing Experten zum Speed Dating und Freibier. Catcontent und Bier wird ausreichend vorhanden sein.

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