Is abby wambach dating someone

That last sentence was deliberately provocative because it's something that has bugged Cyd and me since Outsports started covering LGBT athletes.

Constantly we are asked why these athletes have to "shove" their personal life in our faces or recoil when Michael Sam kisses his boyfriend on national TV.

I just wish Rodgers would stop shoving his heterosexuality in my face. Not a lot of people introduced themselves with their middle names back then. That’s bulls—.” In the letter, Crawford details her lifelong friendship with Houston before the music and fame: “I met her when she was 16. I was working at a community center in East Orange, New Jersey, and she was working just like the rest of us. She introduced herself as “Whitney Elizabeth Houston,” and I knew right away she was special. I have learned that when both of your options suck, the answer is to choose neither. We learn that our differences are surface and our sameness is as deep as our marrow and as undeniable as our blood. We want to be seen and heard and we want safety and opportunity for our children.

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