Irregular reinforcement dating

In dating terms, this means that you’ll never find a partner whose response time via any form of communication is invariably less than a minute (this would also likely indicate that you are dating a person who has zero interests and little personality).

It’s the the alternative – intermittent reinforcement – that is thus the more effective method of ensuring a particular behaviour persists.

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This treat is reinforcing because he likes it and will result in him sitting when instructed to do so.Eventually we aren't being reinforced at all (attention, sex, support).I think this is part of why we keep hanging on, hoping we'll magically do what's right and get our needs met. The laws of operant conditioning and its methods of shaping behaviour have been applied to numerous situations and purposes in our ever-changing world since the reward/punishment model was pioneered by Burrhus Frederic Skinner many moons ago.One such situation is the quest to find a romantic partner – a task that continues to be one of the more pervasive and challenging pursuits facing young, as well as not so young, people today.

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