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Apple’s i OS automatically checks for new data in a variety of ways.If you’re using a Gmail or similar type of email account on your i Phone or i Pad, your device has to constantly attempt to “fetch” new data from the server. To change these settings, open the Settings screen, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and tap the Fetch New Data option.In this example, i OS has activated a couple bits of date-based text to trigger a calendar event associated with the listed dates.Unfortunately, the bright blue links on a turquoise background makes the text very hard to read.

However, those addresses and phone numbers also fall victim to auto-linking behaviors that might not sync up with the overall branding of the email.

But a typical mobile device is constantly waking up.

If you have an account configured for “fetch,” it’s regularly waking up to check for new emails, contacts, and calendar events.

Even if none are available, it has to wake up and check, anyway.

if you have trouble getting through a day with your smartphone — or if you’d like to leave an i Pad or another tablet on your coffee table and have its battery drain as slowly as possible so it won’t be dead when you pick it up — limiting this is a good idea.

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