Intimidating parliament computer associates backdating contracts

Like others, I welcome the new presumption that meetings will be in public and...Meeting of the Parliament [Draft] : Ben Macpherson I am grateful.I got nervous when I thought of presenting before the MPs, and I felt proud at being invited by the Safety and Security Portfolio Committee.

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Justice Sub-Committee on Policing [Draft] : Ben Macpherson (Edinburgh Northern and Leith) (SNP) Mr Flanagan, I have a number of questions that are based on your opening statement.In a radio interview confirming his selection by the Majority side in the next Parliament beginning January 7, 2017 Mr Osei-Owusu said: “I must say that the discussion has gone on for some time now, it’s been back and forth.Very senior members actually talked me into coming into that position." "I haven’t seen myself in that area but they persuaded me that I’m capable and I’m proud that they found me capable.” On how he intends to work as a Speaker in the absence of the substantive, he said: “Infact that was what was intimidating me when it was suggested to me….I think I’m capable, I must psyche myself to it." He would be confirmed in his new role at dawn on Saturday January 7, 2017.For Mr Osei-Owusu, he never thought that he had a career in the Legislator, rather he always thought he belonged to the Executive and that was where his hopes were.

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