Intimidating eye

learn more An Election Heard 'Round the World GREENLAND: Colin Powell's Glacier SERBIA/CROATIA: The Balkans DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Dual Citizens GERMANY: Watching the Presidential Debate With Arabs in Berlin EL SALVADOR: Payback CANADA: Border Town By Joe Rubin October 12, 2004 Passing through customs at El Salvador's international airport and emerging into the humid afternoon air, the first thing in my line of vision is a crowd of about 1,000 who have come by the truckload, children in tow, men wearing cowboy hats, to greet relatives returning home. The .2 billion per year in remittances that Salvadorans "pay back" to relatives at home dwarfs every other industry in El Salvador.Remittances are bigger than coffee, which was king here for more than a century but has fallen on hard times because of stiff competition from mega-producers like Brazil and Vietnam.Remittances are even more important to the economy than the maquiladores, the sewing factories, which surround the capital, San Salvador, and in which hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans work six days a week for 80 cents an hour.The civil war has been over for a dozen years now, and it's a new era.Atlantic Eye Institute is a full-service eye care center in Northeast Florida.We offer eye exams, laser vision correction (LASIK), contact lenses, quality designer eyeglass frames, cataract surgery, and prescription sunglasses.As you grow older, the degree of the astigmatism can change over time – it might get better, and it might get worse.

Because the shape of the cornea is not what it is supposed to be, the light that enters the eye is not properly received by the retina.Much of San Salvador remains a sprawling slum with open sewers and staggering social problems. The National Republican Alliance (ARENA), a political party founded by the late death squad leader Roberto D'Aubuisson, remains dominant in El Salvador, controlling the presidency for the last 15 years.The Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), the socialist-leaning party that once took up arms to fight for land reform, remains stridently and perpetually in opposition as a major party in Parliament. "You're not always measured by the things that you have a bill named after you for -- sometimes you're measured by stopping really bad things from happening, like when I stood up and helped stop Ronald Reagan's illegal war in Central America," Senator Kerry declared on a recent campaign stop in Wisconsin.In 1896 Ha Ling, a Chinese cook for the Canadian Pacific Railway (some say the Okaloosa Hotel in Canmore) was bet 50 dollars that he could not climb the peak and plant a flag on the summit in less than 10 hours.According to the Medicine Hat News of October 22, 1896, he started the ascent at am the previous Saturday morning and was back in time for lunch.

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