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The horse’s movement should be efficient, covering the most ground with the minimum expenditure of energy.

Over fences, judges look for precise movement of the limbs and roundness over the jump.

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Probably everyone would tell that horses are one of his favourite animals.

Female horses, called mares, carry their young for approximately 11 months, and a young horse, called a foal, can stand and run shortly following birth.

Judges are looking for style of riding, skill and accuracy, judgment in the use of the aids (hands, seat, and legs) – a general impression of complete, quiet control. His task is solely to jump, regardless of style or manner.

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It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae.

The horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years from a small multi-toed creature, Eohippus, into the large, single-toed animal of today.

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