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Have you ever felt a little robbed for some scenes that you must have seen, that would have helped you appreciate and understand the movie more?

If you tend to ask these questions almost all the time after watching a movie, then unrated version of movies might just please you.

Comparison between the PG-13 version (=Theatrical version) and the Unrated version, both released by Columbia Tri Star Home Entertainment. 8 points where the unrated version offers alternative material that is longer than the PG-13 scene. One of them says "Bush" and then they give each other high five. -/- When the saleswoman helps Marcus to get dressed while Marcus is on the phone with his wife Gina, Gina in both versions says something slightly different: /- During the slumber party, the party guests in the unrated version watch a commercial starring Megan Vandergeld. Marcus: "A blue balls on the rocks." Karen: "I've had that before.

2 points where the unrated version offers alternative material without causing any difference in time. When Marcus walks up the stairs, they turn around in disgust and shout "Balls". That's a good drink." Marcus: "Don't drink too many." 31.36 sec.

But if calling out misogyny in pop culture is their mission, they have all but abandoned it.

The truth is, there is an entire genre of music—arguably the most popular on this continent—that is at once rife with misogyny and free from criticism. Robin Thicke’s song may very well flirt with rape, but many rappers have received zero flack for openly endorsing it.

Since everyone has a different taste and outlook, there are those who disagree with this.It is simply because unrated films are not surrendered to the Motion Pictures of America to get proper rating.Film makers don’t want their films to undergo content cuts just to be rated.One especially earnest rendition, out of Halifax, stars a group of women delivering a markedly different message to the tune of .” Thicke, meanwhile, has denied any wrongdoing.He stated, bizarrely, this month that the song is actually a “feminist movement within itself,” and that he does not, he insists, condone sexual assault. The former ’NSync leading man is making his own apology tour for his clubbing anthem That Thicke cared enough to address the backlash is surely a victory for the feminist You Tube parody movement.

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