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As you study this evolution, you will reflect on relevant current events, and explore your own responses to the kind of everyday encounters that continually arise in our pluralistic society.

law, which first defined African Americans as less than human, eventually declared discrimination illegal, and remains both an expression and an instrument of change at the intersection of race and equality.

In five years, it has discovered many exciting new YA voices, including teens, and published them alongside YA luminaries like Cecil Castellucci, Steve Brezenoff, Mitali Perkins, and Sara Zarr. I’m the mom who works while her daughter is in ballet. Kerri: So what I’m hearing is: The writing requires larger blocks of time, while the editing can be done in shorter chunks? Diana: I’d say that’s true—though I’m now worried I’m giving the impression it can be done without much thought, in a breezy way. I’m sure it’s different for editors of novels, but I love being able to squeeze it in. We are all writing novels ourselves, but we’re short works. Kip: Also, when I read poetry submissions, I read them once and then go off to mull them over, and often come back to them the next day for another look and to formulate my thoughts. Diana: I’ve also found editing inspiring because I have perfectionist tendencies with my own work. But I’m not going to put our writers through that kind of torture. Kerri: Speaking of others’ work, are there any trends you two are seeing lately in fiction or poetry submissions for YARN? That’s a very authentically teen experience, but perhaps it’s harder to be original in treating that theme.

YARN also offers lesson plans for teachers and a blog with excellent advice for writers, penned by the staff. Diana: My favorite time to work on YARN stuff is Sunday mornings at a cafe, when my kid is at Sunday school. Diana: To be more clear: YARN can be done in short bursts of concentrated time. Diana: I also find if I’m having trouble getting back into my own writing, it’s helpful to take even thirty minutes for YARN work. It reminds me that we can fix what we can fix, and to keep moving forward in editing my own writing as well. When we first started five years ago, we got of angsty love poetry and angsty family fiction. The characters or voice or something about it has to be really special and different for it to stand out. Does this mean the We Need Diverse Books campaign is having an effect on apprising writers?

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