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Beginning after Wimbledon 2011, Gulbis was coached by Austrian Gunter Bresnik, until his departure the day before the 2016 French Open.

Previously, he was coached by Guillermo Cañas, and before that by Hernán Gumy (who before that was Marat Safin's coach), but their partnership ended due to Gumy's schedule; during that time, Darren Cahill served as Gulbis' consultant for several tournaments.

His maternal grandfather, Uldis Pūcītis, was a popular actor and film director.

The second of five children, Gulbis has three sisters and one brother, who is training in Florida to become a professional golfer.

People born on August 30 fall under the Zodiac sign of Virgo, the Virgin. Aside from information specific to Ernests Gulbis' birthday, Ernests Gulbis is the 1st most famous Latvian.

In general, Ernests Gulbis ranks as the 10775th most popular famous person, and the 54th most popular tennis player of all time.

I was just running like a Spanish clay-court player standing on the baseline and pushing the ball back. And if you’re the only guy sober in the nightclub, you don’t enjoy it at all.

Women’s tennis.” On getting warned by Fergus Murphy for perpetual racket-throwing during his loss to Falla “This referee – his only purpose in life is to give somebody warnings. Usually I do a couple hundred.” On how he returned Ivo Karlovic’s serve in the 2010 Delray Beach final “I think he was a little bit scared to serve against me because the height didn’t matter because I blocked him in basketball. He thought that I fouled but that’s OK.” When asked about practice during the 2010 Delray Beach event “I don’t like practicing. If you’re into the groove, you know, you have a couple drinks, you’re on the same level as the club, you can sometimes get something positive out of it. I prefer to stay in my friends’ company, invite girls over.” On drinking “If I start drinking I’m going to drink until the morning.

In total, Gulbis has 6 ATP titles to his name and has never lost a final.

I already said in the pilot interview, if I would miss the smash, if I would lose the set, I would quit tennis. I can’t take this anymore.” On playing Rafael Nadal on clay in the Rome semis “If he plays good, I’ll let him go. Even though outside of the court, an awesome dude.” On hitting big groundstrokes “Well, I don’t know.

When the best week of Ernests Gulbis's tennis career ended in a battling three-set defeat to Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of last year's Rome Masters, the Latvian might have been expected to take time to reflect on a memorable sequence of results. Then afterwards I went back with them to my apartment." Losing to Nadal is clearly a signal to relax.

Same with this guy.” After beating Roger Federer in Rome, on how he dealt with failing to serve out the match “You know, there’s a good expression in English but it involves bad words. I…did it in my pants.” On how he beat Federer “I think I beat Roger Federer because I ate scrambled eggs in the morning.” On how he found energy to win his next match after beating Federer “Well I found energy because I really like doing these interviews, because I get my childhood dream to be a pilot. I like to win ugly ones.” On the Madrid courts in 2010 “I came here early; got used to the courts because they are not really straight. I felt bad after going to the factory where they make the rackets and I saw all the work they do. They do everything for the players; they really think about what the players need, and then an idiot like me comes and breaks them. In order to do so, you need to put some muscle into it. It’s just a stupid habit.” On his propensity for drop-shots at the 2009 Auckland event “Yeah because I couldn’t do nothing else.

I feel like a pilot right now.” On missing a crucial smash on set point against Federer “Fantastic smash. That’s it.” On the comparison between his Rome matches against Federer and Nadal “I don’t like losing. They are like playing on a mountain.” On Nadal’s mentality “He thinks how to kill his opponent. Mine is closer to that of Marat Safin.” On Fabrice Santoro “He is a disgusting player. On the hard court, where it’s more difficult to break a racket, with one try I broke a racket in five places.

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