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They want someone who respects them for who they are and makes them feel great every day.

David is refreshingly (brutally) honest about the dating challenges and opportunities that we face as we get a little older. Please don’t forget to add your over 50 dating questions in the comments section and I will see if I can get David to answer them. For example, during our interview, David admits that men have a preference for younger women, but, he says that this shouldn’t be a reason to stay out of the dating game. According to David, the great majority of men just want to feel sexy and honored.

That would be my best piece of advice, to go out, to have fun dating and get some good male friends while you’re looking for Mr. I have a book on Amazon, it’s number one in its category for over fifties dating.

It’s ‘The Winning Formula for Women Over 50.’ It gives a woman a great foundation for dating. I did this membership course for women who really couldn’t afford to work with me one on one but needed the information. They get an expert interview with some complementary area of dating that’s also pre-recorded, a Facebook community so they have a lot of TLC and hugs in between our classes, and then a Q and A live session with me so they can ask me their questions about dating.

To find out about the membership site and the one-on-one coaching, you can go to and click on the coaching tab or hover over the coaching tab, and both programs will show up. What should a mature woman always include in her online dating profile?

For the past few months, I have been on a journey to better myself. We’re not talking cheesy pickup lines here; a genuine compliment given with confidence goes a long way in making a man the type of guy a girl wants to date.

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