Dating someone with different political views

“She was a disappointment to me,” came the answer, cryptically.“It seemed like the country was getting more divided,” he says.“I could hook up with a Republican, but I could never, ever date one, because that would severely downgrade my opinion of them,” he says.

But her attitude reflects a deeper truth that gaping political differences can be a dividing, and sometimes even a factor in dating and relationships.“No matter how hot, cool, or smart a guy is, I’d end a date if I found out he supported The Donald,” says my friend Allie, a single 28-year-old start-up marketer in New York.“I hate getting into fights with people about politics!“I had a suspicion,” says Malhotra, “this polarization was influencing our lives in ways that went beyond elections.” In the first experiment, 197 subjects were brought into a Stanford behavioral lab and shown profiles of fictional people.The profiles were made to look just like those posted on dating websites.

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    How can one tell the difference between a true conspiracy and a false one?