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Benefits of getting free regisration at includes: 1- Single Click apply on jobs where possible. 3- You can get immediate job offer even without applying.So get registered now by filling this form, it is totally free.The UN estimates around 5,000 women worldwide are the victims of these so-called honour killings each year. And a report by Pakistan’s independent Human Rights Commission said nearly 1,100 women and 88 men were killed in Pakistan last year for dishonouring their families.Mr Rasheed told AFP police were able to trace the accused through mobile phone data.Watch full episodes of @midnight now -- no login required: @midnight with Chris Hardwick airs Monday through ...Inspired by the upcoming "Baywatch" movie, Andrée Vermeulen, Steve Agee and Ken Jennings offer their own translations of perplexing beach safety signs.

News organisations, public interest groups and even one politician have all lodged official demands with government agencies to see the photographs of Bin Laden's body after he was shot dead last week at the Abbottabad compound in Pakistan. forces Omar and Zaina split up afterwards amid claims that he was suffering from a mental illness, but it now appears they are back together despite Omar telling the Daily Mail in September that there was 'no chance' of a reconciliation. He is pictured here aged around 14, in a propaganda video Another son, 22-year-old Khalid, was confirmed dead by the U. But according to ABC news, Pakistani officials have said the Chinese were also 'very interested' in seeing the tail section, with one unnamed official adding: 'We might let [the Chinese] take a look.' Pictures of the heavily damaged tail section circulated on the internet shortly after the May 2 raid, with the remaining tail bearing a striking resemblance to the smooth angular design of other stealth aircraft such as the B2 bomber.“I hadn't seen such a barbaric attack in my whole life." According to police, the teenager, known only as Ambreen, was set alight in the van that was used to help her school friend flee the village to marry of her own free will. Some media reports suggest the young woman was strangled by members of the jirga before she was burned.The arrested members of the jirga appeared in a local anti-terrorism court on Thursday on charges of murder and terrorism.A teenage girl was kidnapped, drugged, put in a van and set alight in an alleged "honour killing" by a tribal council in a Pakistani village after helping a friend elope, police have said.At least 13 elders in the village near the north-western city The jirga "took her to an abandoned place outside the village and made her unconscious by injecting her with some drugs", district police chief Saeed Wazir said.

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