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Did Mama June and Sugar Bear score a new reality TV gig on Season 4 of Marriage Boot Camp?

TLC cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and dropped Mama June like a bad habit after it was discovered that she was dating a known child molester.

Both moves were confirmed to the site this afternoon.

To recap: Saturdays (July 2-July 16) /c – “Angel from Hell” /c – “Angel from Hell” /c – “48 Hours” (Repeats) /c – “48 Hours” (Repeats) Saturday, July 23 /c – “Angel from Hell” /c – “Angel from Hell” /c – “Rush Hour” /c – “48 Hours” (Repeats) Saturdays (July 30-August 20) /c – “Rush Hour” /c – “48 Hours” (Repeats) /c – “48 Hours” (Repeats) Saturday, August 27 (Previously Announced) /c – “NFL Preseason: Tennessee at Oakland” returns to CBS, expect to see season one, episode nine, “Prisoner of Love,” which was originally slated for Thursday, May 26.

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