Dating drinking games

Note that these rules are made for women swiping for men, but many of them apply for both genders, and there's no reason you can't use a fake female account to play. Take a drink whenever someone's got their holiday photos up in their Tinder photos.

You might want to make it a small one — it sometimes feels like half the population of Europe is comprised of boozed-up Aussies during the summer months.

Here are the rules: This game can be played at either a local watering hole or in your humble a-brode — I personally prefer the bar atmosphere. On that note, if you've chosen an establishment that *does* frown upon shot-gunning, pick a new venue next time because this place is clearly not up to your lofty bro-standards.

Gee, bro, I’ve never heard of anything like that but it sounds kinda awesome… This sounds like the perfect setting for the OFFICIAL Tinder drinking game. If you're at a bar where the act of shot-gunning would be *frowned upon*, a standard chug will suffice.

(I’ve heard of drinking games where people take a shot whenever “the bitch they hate gets eliminated.” That’s the opposite of media literacy, in that players are buying into these shows’ manipulative framing and editing, rather than questioning it.

As most comedians know, there is a fine line between humor that shines light on injustice and jokes that simply prey on the weak and bolster the powerful.

Sit down at a table where your entire group can face one another. You should be able to shotgun wherever you damn-well please. All you need is some booze, dice, cards and these sexy ideas. Balance a deck of cards on top of an open bottle of beer (or a glass that’s slim enough). On the count of three, stand up, remove your underwear as fast as you can, and put it back on over your clothes. Now, take it off again and switch so you’re wearing his and he’s wearing yours. Posing with tigers, fishing with the mates, selfies at Thredbo — some photos crop up on Tinder way more than others.We're not saying that any of these behaviours are necessarily bad (hell, I'm guilty of half of them myself), just that they're everywhere — and they don't always send the right message to potential dates.

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