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The newspaper Aftonbladet and pollsters United Mind have been probing the sexual habits of people in Sweden.

They found that in 1996 Swedes had sex five times a month on average. In addition, the percentage of Swedes reporting that they've had sex with their partner in the last month has dropped from about 80 percent in 1996 down to 60 percent in 2013.

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For example, a 2008 ruling by the Supreme Court decided that digital penetration of the vagina, on a woman who is intoxicated or sleeping, shall be regarded as an sexual act comparable to sexual intercourse, and is therefore an act of rape.Middle-aged men, meanwhile, saw the biggest decline, with men aged 35-49 not having sex as much as previously.The situation does not sit will with all the survey respondents, however, as 60 percent said they would like to have more sex - true across the age brackets.My colleagues from other countries have found the same thing," he told Aftonbladet. Desire disorder has become a diagnosis." Some groups are having more sex than they were before, however.Women under 24 is one group, while both men and women between the ages of 66 and 74 are also having more sex.

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