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They somehow became close friends, although they’re not entirely sure how that happened either. He revealed in the past that he was scouted by a SM manager.His mother, who was with him at the time, asked if she could see Bo A if Changmin went to audition.Bo A Despite being her oppa by several months, Yunho and Bo A kept a casual relationship with each other, becoming the best of friends.They’re so close that they support each other in each other’s comebacks and appear as surprise guests on talk shows to threaten to spill some juicy secret about the other.There’s a saying that the people of the opposite sex cannot be friends with each other.

The cherished picture was of her and fellow Kpop royalty, label-mate Yunho of TVXQ, who was dressed smartly in his military fatigues and beret.

El grupo debutó en 2003 como un grupo de 5 miembros que consistió en el líder U-Know Yunho (유노윤호 ユンホ), Max Changmin (최강창민 チャンミン), Hero Jaejoong (영웅재중 ジェジュン), Micky Yoo Chun (믹키유천 ユチョン) y Xiah Junsu (시아준수 ジュンス).

En julio de 2009 Jaejoong, Yoochun y Junsu presentaron legalmente una demanda judicial en contra de su agencia coreana SM Entertainment.

They’ve known each other for over a decade, and their fans have come to love and appreciate these tender moments of friendship between these two seasoned Kpop stars.

Since Bo A debuted first, Yunho must have known about her before he joined SM Entertainment.

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